Trafalgar #277 du 14.11.2022

Emission Garage Punk & Power Pop

HARD ONS raining

MALABRAVA Matahari surf

GROOVIE GHOULIES fun in the dark

JAKE & THE STIFFS lonely boy


FAST TAKERS she's goin' crazy

PRIMITIVE IDOLS all the action

NO TOMORROW BOYS animal eyes

NOMADS knowledge comes with death's release

LOS REFRESCOS sentado frente a la TV

GRAHAM DAY the memphis train

STUPIDITY the murder of love

LITTER you get to be 50

BAD SHAPES saving lives

VICIOUS BLONDE dreams come true!

GOLDEN SHITTERS drop the bomb

VAINS my ammunition

RABBIT safeguard

LOCOS inside out


GORIES on the run

HENTCHMEN straight up

SUGAR SHACK you've been done

ZODIAC KILLERS coming after you

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